Jessica Almeida started with the agency on November 17th 1994 as a Residential Women’s Counsellor.  Today, she is a valued member of our outreach team.  She skillfully helps women to look at their options while maintaining a constant focus on their safety and that of their children’s safety.  Jessica has a wealth of knowledge around legal issues, affordable housing and community resources.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica for the past year and a half and have enjoyed it immensely.  I have also learnt a lot from her.  Jessica goes about her work with passion, determination, exceptional organization and with a “huge heart”.  I want to share some of the comments that I have received from clients about Jessica.

– She was referred to as an “angel”, as very supportive, and a great listener

– One client said that she felt comfortable sharing anything that was on her mind with Jessica

– That they have grown more… thanks to Jessica’s support

– That Jessica helped them get connected to services that they didn’t think they were eligible for

“When Jessica isn’t at work she is an avid baker, a fan of reality tv, reading and spending time with her family.”

Here are some comments from Jessica’s peers……

  • She is thoughtful, well organized with excellent attention to detail
  • She is the first one to volunteer to help out and take on extra tasks
  • She has an excellent voice for radio and for public speaking which helps as Jessica can also be found doing some public education in the community.  This is also the reason why I always hear her on the other end if I reach any of my team member’s voice mail.

“I would like to congratulate and thank Jessica for her 20 years of loyal and dedicated service with Women’s Crisis Services!”