Erin, Residential Manager at Anselma House with Jim, a volunteer from the Carpenters Union Local 785 and a new playhouse



The volunteers of the Carpenters Union Local 785 have been hard at work over the winter months. Their busy hands have been very kindly crafting playhouses for local  children’s groups and Women’s Crisis Services is proud to have been a recipient of their hard work.

Haven House in Cambridge and Anselma House in Kitchener serve up to the equivalent of ten classrooms of children every year. These are children who, along with their mothers, are escaping violence and abuse. The donation of these play houses is a great addition to the activities and toys we are providing for their growth, development and entertainment.

The Carpenter volunteers who constructed these playhouses had great attention to detail. No rough edges, no nails or sharp objects, sturdy construction and they even assembled them onsite!

The staff and the residents of both Haven House and Anselma House are very excited to play with the new additions, and are very grateful for the generosity of the Carpenters Union.

We are proud of their partnership and hope they know that for years to come, their kindness will bring joy to children during a difficult time in their lives.