Volunteer Cake

I may only be one person.  But I can be one person Who makes a difference.

 Our Volunteers

We have an incredible network of caring and hard working volunteers who all wish to make Waterloo Region a stronger community.  Because volunteers come with a strong passion to serve others and do good in the world, there is so much that is accomplished by each of their weekly visits.

The child and youth volunteers at our shelters help the children in play groups, bringing smiles to the children and aiding in the understanding of their feelings, which is a crucial step in healing.  A couple of our volunteers will spend hours in the spring and summer planting a beautiful community garden.   To tend to a garden, seeing the growth in the form of golden sunflowers and fresh garden vegetables is very rewarding.  Other volunteers prepare our Friday Morning Breakfast for the residents.  We are reminded that it is often the simple things such as the aroma of bacon and eggs that bring us all together. Some volunteers provide dog therapy which gives the children a chance to open up in a unique way. These moments are cherished, a mother seeing her child glow is priceless, especially during difficult times. We cannot overlook our wonderful hard working event volunteers, who spend hours preparing and running fundraising events, such as our Annual Golf Tournament in the summer. Our extraordinary administrative volunteers attend to a never ending list of projects and taking calls.  We even have a very dedicated group of students from Grand River who walk over weekly to help disinfect the children’s toys. Without volunteers, our social workers would not have as much time to work with the women and children in other areas. We are truly thankful.

Let us not forget our Board Members.  The Board members put in countless hours, providing insight, knowledge and expertise keeping Women’s Crisis Services innovative.

The women and children in our shelter find the volunteers helpful.  Warm comments such as, acknowledging the volunteers as compassionate individuals, who bring smiles, have approachability and above all else bring hope.  Our volunteers are making a difference in lives.


 The Event

In April we celebrate National Volunteer week.  Each year we celebrate our volunteers with a Volunteer Appreciation Evening. When planning the Volunteer Appreciation Evening, we always look for ways to show off our volunteers, and express how much we appreciate them.

As each volunteer walked in to Anselma house that evening, they were greeted with gold and silver stars displaying each of their names.  Corsages and boutonnières set the stage; gift boxes with handmade glass dragonflies adorned with gold and silver ribbon.  As each volunteer entered their photo was captured, white linen tablecloths, fresh flowers and menus awaited them at their tables.  Dylan, a student of Wilfred Laurier, entertained with beautiful guitar music. A delicious catered dinner awaited from Angie’s accompanied by sparkling beverages. A cake displayed “Volunteers Are Our Heroes” was served.  The guests took a few minutes in to reflect and answer the questions, “What has been the most memorable moment for you while volunteering at Women’s Crisis Services?”  Waterloo Improv entertained, everyone was laughing, smiling and participating. This was a chance for our volunteers to engage with each other.

Our theme, Volunteers are our Heroes, is the truth.  Our volunteers truly are stars to us. In a non-profit business, volunteers do more than show up with a smile.  Each volunteer works incredibly hard, knowing they truly make a difference at Women’s Crisis Services.


Mark Bezos recently spoke at Ted Talks on Volunteering and as he commented it is often the small moments that people appreciate and remember.  Remember the shoe.  Ted Talks – A life Lesson from a volunteer firefighter


To All Our Hard Working Volunteers – You Make a Difference!

I believe that each of us in Waterloo Region should serve and support building a strong community.  It is the saying, neighbours helping neighbours that make a community.

Written By  Us

Administrative Specialist

Women’s Crisis Services