Dragonfly cakeF&N
There’s no Place Like Home – that was the theme of our November 4th Woman Abuse Awareness Event. One part of “home” is food, whether it is comfort food, healthy food, left over food. At our shelters, the food and nutrition coordinators are very creative and diligent as they work toward providing healthy, nutritious food for the women and children who call our shelters “home”.

Sometimes there is even decorated food. We try to celebrate all the birthdays that occur while women and children live in our “home”. Recently we hosted a tour from a political dignitary and our food and nutrition coordinator created beautiful, decorated food. Take a look at the attached photos.

And, whether it is plain or fancy food, it is a daily necessity. To that end we rely on our funders, special fund raising events and our many generous donors. As the holiday season approaches, think about donating to Women’s Crisis Services so that we can continue to provide for all the needs of our residents. Food may not seem as exciting a gift as toys, but it is absolutely vital, during the holiday season, but more importantly, every day of the year.