The Springing of Spring



There have been a few days where our spring weather has peeked through the gloomy end of winter days. When this happens, there is a new energy in our community and in our shelters.

The snow is melting away from our outdoor playgrounds and soon we will see buds on the trees and flowers sprouting up; similar to the rebirth and new beginnings that we are nurturing at Women’s Crisis Services.

As you begin your seed planting indoors, our women and children are planning for their life beyond violence and planting seeds of confidence, esteem and joy. They are busy growing and preparing for the sunshiny days of summer that bring hope and happiness.


I wanted to share with you a poem that makes me think of the hard work our women and children are doing as they move beyond abuse and violence and the strength they will gain each day.

Garden of LIfe

Plant your love just like a seed,
Nurture it with each good deed,
Show it light through hope and truth,
Care for it throughout its youth,

Distance those who would devour,
Cherish each and every flower,
Save the leaves of colder years,
Wash them clean with your own tears,

Remember right and forgive wrong,
Keep the stem forever strong,
One day that seed will be a tree,
The fruit of love for all to see.

Arik Fletcher