But you don’t have to take my word for it because this week we received those $1 donations from the Shoppers Drug Mart Tree of Life campaign!

In November, the employees of Shoppers Drug Mart choose a charity that they want to support, and we were so fortunate to be chosen by a few in our region. Then, when you enter the store, you are given opportunities to support their charity through games, raffles, and of course, that $1 extra at the cash register. You can even go online and donate money in special increments that give you a leaf, a bird, a branch, etc to fill out the local Tree of Life.

Let me ensure you, that your thoughtfulness and your donations make a difference and are received by the charity of choice. I visited Shoppers Drug Mart in Kitchener on Weber St E and Klara and her staff were very proud of their donations. The patrons were very supportive! These donations are helping to ensure that we are able to continue offering safe refuge and essential programming to all who come to our doors in times of crisis.

I also visited Bashir and Kathy and the staff at Shoppers Hespeler Road. Staff warmly greeted me and we shared stories of how their donation will stay in Cambridge and truly help the women and children at Haven House. They offerend their personal support as well as encouragement for a continued partnership and we are so very proud of that. We realize that it is their frontline staff that have to act as fundraisers on our behalf, and ask each patron to donate to their Tree of Life. This is sometimes not an easy job, but the results are inspiring and positive.

Thank you to Shoppers Drug Mart for the Tree of Life program and for being an advocate in our community. Your patrons and their support are important to us, and your staff have a heart of gold!