At the recent Annual General Meeting in June 2015, Mary Zilney, CEO of Women’s Crisis Services was honoured to recognized Merle Fast for her five years of service to the agency. The following is an excerpt of what Mary shared about Merle:

On September 7, 2010 Merle was hired as the Residential Manager for Anselma House.

IMG_0876She joined the agency at an interesting time….as we were in the midst of construction.   Despite the chaos that surrounded her, Merle assimilated very well and without hesitation took on the major task of “the move” from Ann Street to Heritage Drive – which was no small feat.

I’m sure Merle would agree that that first year was one big blur.

Then she settled everyone into their new surroundings here on Heritage Drive and helped Carolyn and I work through the kinks of a new build.

In January 21, 2013 Merle was promoted to Director of Client Services.

Under this portfolio she oversaw all service delivery for the agency and managed the 2 Residential Managers and the Outreach Manager.

During the next year, Merle’s statistical abilities kept resurfacing….and with it the pure joy that would cross her face when talking about statistics. Of course the rest of the management team was really delighted that they could refer all things statistical to Merle!

Then on July 1, 2014 one more changed transpired, as a result of the Executive Team restructuring.  Merle’s title and portfolio changed and she assumed the newly created Director of Quality Assurance position.  Right from the onset, Merle excelled in this role and continues to do so.  Merle smiles from ear to ear when all the statistical ducks lined up – or Mike from WISH builds a new program for us based on Merle’s input.  IMG_1994

You know you have found your niche when you do the happy dance at work most days! Keep your eyes open, you don’t want to miss Merle in action!

Thanks Merle for your flexibility and adaptation since your arrival at the agency.

Thanks for being part of my Executive Team and moreover Women’s Crisis Services.   Your going contributions are valued and appreciated.  Happy 5th year anniversary!