Kelsee 2015

Each year, our dear friend Kelsee organizes a drive for supplies for the people we serve at Women’s Crisis Services. She asks neighbours and friends to think about what they would need if they were in shelter, and also does some shopping herself.

Kelsee has been doing this on her own for several years. Her young energy is inspiring and she is always thinking of the women and the children who are safe at Anselma House.

As a gesture of support and encouragement, Kelsee writes a note to the Residents and shares a photo of herself. She hopes that others will feel inspired and comforted as Kelsee herself once used to live at Anselma House and is now safe from abuse and violence.

As she collected new items, we were able to use many as gifts and to stock our shelves with toys and supplies. The used items are brought to our partners at THRIFT ON KENT. Our partnership at THRIFT ON KENT allows the community to donate on behalf of Anselma House and in turn we are provided with gift cards. Gift cards are a great way for women to acquire the items they are in need of when leaving the shelter. Your donations of used items are important to THRIFT ON KENT and allow for our partnership to thrive.

Kelsee’s Christmas Wish supports our work in many ways. We are proud of you Kelsee! Thank you for raising awareness and donations for Women’s Crisis Service.