Thank You Angela Stahlbaum


At our Annual General Meeting held in June, we had the privilege of honoring staff for their service to Women’s Crisis Services.  We are fortunate to have very dedicated staff, who give of themselves every day. One of the staff who was honored for 10 years of service is Angela Stahlbaum, who is on the Outreach Team at Anselma House, our Kitchener Shelter.


Jennifer Hutton, Outreach Manager honored Angela with the following words:


“Angela is on the Outreach Team at Women’s Crisis Service’s.  Angela started with the agency on April 29th, 2003 as a Residential Service Worker. Angela moved to her current role in Outreach in January of 2007, and works with women in the community who are in crisis and often at the greatest risk safety wise.  Angela manages to help these women quickly stabilize and move to a greater place of safety.  Consistently she skillfully works to help women and children move beyond violence.”


~ I have had the pleasure of working with Angela for little over six months and have enjoyed it immensely.

~ Angela is very much a team player and is highly respected by her peers

~ She has wonderful interpersonal skills, is a calm and grounding force and easily develops positive therapeutic relationships with her clients

~ Angela is admired at the agency for her exceptional organizational skills

~ She also has exceptional professionalism, and is very respectful of her clients

~ She manages the difficult task of being detail orientated while never losing sight of the ‘big picture’

~ Angela is a valued member of our Health and Safety Committee and has been active in many agency wide initiatives including doing educational presentations for various community groups

~ When Angela isn’t at  WCSWR she enjoys time with her family, travelling, shopping and home decorating


Jennifer shared some comments from Angela’s peers and clients…


~ She is helpful and resourceful

~ Has an infectious giggle

~ Has joie de vivre

~ they felt comfortable with Angela

~ they learnt that they were not to blame for their abuse

~ Angela helped them feel safer and build their self-esteem



I would like to congratulate and thank Angela for her 10 years of service with Women’s Crisis Services.