Thank You Angela Saldanha!


At our Annual General Meeting held in June, we had the privilege of honoring staff for their service to Women’s Crisis Services.  We are very fortunate to have very dedicated staff, who give of themselves every day. One of the staff who was honored for 5years of service is Angela Saldanha, who is a Clinical Support Worker on the Outreach Team.


Angela started with the agency on October 14th, 2008 and does therapy with women from both of our shelters.  Her position was created as a community capacity building position which is collaboration with Family and Children’s Services.  As a result, in addition to her work with women within the shelter she is also seeing women in the community that are involved with Family and Children’s Services.  Angela meets with women at a crucial time in their lives when they are in crisis and she skilfully works to help them move beyond violence.


Jennifer Hutton, Outreach Manager honored Angela with the following words:


“I have had the pleasure of working with Angela for little over six months and have enjoyed it immensely.  Angela comes from a strong team of one, and I use the word team because Angela herself does the work of 3 or more staff often carrying caseloads of 30-40 women at one time.  Last year alone Angela provided individual counselling to 70 women.  Angela also acts as the Coordinator of our Safe Steps program which focuses on helping women and children who have been exposed to domestic violence.  She coordinates this program with ease; she is organized and efficient and keeps me on track with gentle reminders of our time lines.  I have been fortunate enough to bear witness to her facilitating the women’s group of this program and she does so with great skill.  We have received wonderful feedback from both women and their children and it is obvious Angela makes a positive impact on these women’s lives.”


“Angela has exceptional professionalism and is very respectful of her clients.  Any feedback or task she is given she takes it and runs with it and flourishes. She is committed to growth as a therapist and I am always impressed with how she educates women and meets the goal of every good therapist which is to create meaningful change.  She continues to impress me on a regular basis.  Angela is also a valued member of our Health and Safety Committee.”


“When Angela isn’t at work she is an avid runner, cyclist, enjoys travel and parenting teenage boys.”


Jennifer shares some comments from Angela’s peers and clients……


~ they enjoy her great sense of humour

~ they love debating issues with Angela and talking about the women they are seeing so that they can get Angela’s insightful and thoughtful reflections



~ they felt comfortable discussing their situation with Angela

~ they learnt that they were not to blame for their abuse

~ they learnt about the affects abuse as had on them and their children

~ One woman stated “I won’t tolerate an unhealthy relationship again because I now know of the impact on my children”

~ Overall women stated they felt safer


“I would like to congratulate and thank Angela for her 5 years of service with Women’s Crisis Services!”