Your financial donations allow us to provide the very personal care needed to help women and children move beyond violence. Please consider sponsoring a package below so that we can continue provide safe shelter, programming, skills building and more.

Lunch For a Week

  • With your donation we can pack a healthy lunch for a child in shelter with fresh fruit, protein, snacks and more. Plus we can add a reusable water or juice bottle and lunch bag of their own!

Provide Personal Care

  • Personal care items provide comfort, dignity and support as women and children heal from abuse. Supplies such as shampoo and conditioner, sensitive skin moisturizer, hair brush, make up, feminine care will all be tailored to her needs.

A Good Night’s Sleep

  • Your donation will provide a pillow and pillow case, journal, towel and bedding for a woman to use while in shelter and take with her when she leaves.

Discharge Package

  • These packages are personalized to each individual and can include items such as a laundry basket, mixing bowls, personal care items, seasonal needs and kitchen or home supplies for a woman and her children starting a new life free from violence and abuse.

Understanding Me

  • This donation provides group support for one woman for 8 weeks in our shelters. “Understanding Me” is a psycho educational themed group with a focus for women who have experienced violence within their interpersonal relationships.  .  The group is co facilitated by a Child and Family Therapist or Clinical Support Worker along with a Residential Worker.  The weekly topics focus on Anger, Self Esteem, Family of Origin, Why Abuse Happens, Feelings of Guilt and Shame related to violence, Boundaries, Assertiveness,  Healthy Relationships and The impact Violence has on Children.

One Week in the Shelter

  • Your donation supports a week on our shelter including food, clean clothes, comfortable bed, transport to/from school or appointments,  group and individual counseling and therapy, safety planning,  skills building and more in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment.