She just turned 8 years old and she is already helping our community.

Meet our friend Delaney. Back in April, Delaney’s birthday came and went without a birthday party. That sounds like it could be a sad situation but it wasn’t-Delaney planned it that way. This year, for her eighth birthday, Delaney decided she wanted to help out Women’s Crisis Services. She rescheduled her own birthday for a day during the last week of school- a time when her friends would definitely want to celebrate. When the weather heated up, she had a pool party and invited her friends and family to cool off and celebrate. Delaney made sure that everyone knew that children at Women’s Crisis Services needed diapers and she wanted her guests to bring a present for them, not her! This week, her and her mom brought in all of those gifts for the little ones in shelter. All different stages and sizes were donated and this donation helps us refill our shelves. Currently, both of our shelters are quite full. There are lots of little ones and that means a higher than normal need for diapers. Thanks to this very thoughtful and selfless 8 year old, we are able to help the families that are living with us right now. Delaney, you are a wonderful example for other kids, and adults, to follow.  Thank you for thinking of others and for lending a helping hand.