Posted by Kourtney

 Thoughtful people in our community, and beyond, have been dropping off gifts at our shelter locations to bring cheer and joy to those we serve during the holiday season.

Students, businesses, families, church groups, volunteers; your support means so much.

I wanted to pass along a quick story that we just received from a client that you have helped.

We were able to give your gifts to moms early so that they can wrap them up. If you ever wondered whether your donation of something as small as PJ’s makes a difference, please read the note below that we just received from a mom:


“I just want to say thank you for all the work you have put into this for me and for others.  On the receiving end I want you to know… till today I was getting desperate.  I didn’t have anything under the tree.  I know the kids in the end don’t know much, I would have gotten something (little as it may be) they wouldn’t know… but there was a weight on my heart. 

Also, believe it or not my older son has had 2 pyjama days at school (one will be on Friday).  On the note home from school it read at the bottom: “kids listen to your parents when they tell you to put on clean pyjamas, not the one’s you slept in.”  I know it seems little, but at the very mention of pyjama day at school I was getting all stressed instead of being happy for my son… 

For me today, just receiving those pyjamas, people will never imagine how much it meant to me!!!  So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all you all do at Anselma House, and all those people who sponsor!  I don’t think you will ever fully grasp how much it means sometimes!!!”


Your generosity and thoughtfulness is helping to enrich the lives of the families we serve and bringing comfort and a sense of normalcy and belonging.

Thank you.