Sixty– can you see it or are you unable to see the sixty right there in front of you?

Today as I write this, there are sixty people in Women’s Crisis Services shelters. These are women and children who had the courage to seek help and find it either at Anselma House or Haven House. The sixty people are your neighbours, co-workers, classmates. They could be the one that delivers your mail, does your nails, cuts your hair or sits right beside you. Then again, you might not know one of the sixty today, but you might know one tomorrow.

Today those 60 people, some of which are children, are being cared for and guided along their path to a safer life. They may stay for a few weeks they may stay for a few months.

Can you picture 60 people? Was your graduating class from high school that big? Do you have 60 employees in your office? Do you have 60 close friends? Are there 60 flavours of ice cream at your favourite shop? Do you have 60 pairs of shoes in your closet? It’s hard to comprehend how many women and children are being served at any given time. At Women’s Crisis Services we house and feed those 60, and we also care for them. We guide them, provide resources, encourage, educate and support them as they seek safety and security.

The support from our community is what allows us to continue to open our doors to those in need. From the smallest donation of toothpaste or diapers, to providing dinner once a month, to your monetary support, it’s all a part of the lives of the 60 who are with us right now.

When they do leave the shelter, our community will continue to offer support as will our Outreach program. And inevitably there will be another 60 or 70 or 80 that will seek shelter and assistance.

In keeping our wish list up to date on our website, we strive to ensure that the needs of the current and future 60 women and children are continually met. As monetary donations are always key in our success, we also understand that your generosity comes in many forms. Gift cards, services, time, and treasure- all very important parts of WCSWR.

60…can you picture it?