shoppers weber jan 2014

In cities and towns across Canada, thousands of local organizations are doing important, even life-saving work for the women who live in their communities. Shoppers Drug Mart has a very focused campaign to help these organizations, and we are so fortunate to be one of their charities of choice.

Through the Shoppers Drug Mart Tree of Life campaign, customers and employees can make donations to support the charity of choice. The employees on the local level promote and encourage donations at the check out as well as holding events like BBQ’s and silent auctions.

Our heartfelt thank you goes to our friends at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Weber Street in Kitchener. Their hard work and dedication to Women’s Crisis Services raises much needed funds for our shelters.

Klara and her staff have chosen Anselma House as their charity of choice for a few years, and we are constantly humbled by their generosity and the generosity of their customers and clients.

Thank you for choosing us and helping our community “Move Beyond Violence”