Our friend Lulu

Thank you Lulu, for being so thoughtful

This little girl’s name Lulu. She is small in stature but has a VERY BIG HEART. This year, for her eighth birthday party, Lulu asked friends and family to bring something off of our WISH LIST. She didn’t want gifts for herself, she wanted gifts for others.

We were so happy when Lulu and her brother visited the shelter; she brought with her enough joy to make staff, volunteers and all of the residents smile from ear to ear.

Thinking of others and being so selfless is something we tend to learn a little later on in life, but Lulu is off to a great start. From toiletries, to toys, to supplies for school, this whole cart load of items was donated to Women’s Crisis Services.

Thank you to Lulu and her caring circle of  friends and family. We appreciate your donations and your encouragement of such a thoughtful young girl.