We are so proud to introduce you to Colin and his sister, who is his trusty helper, Taylor.

Last year Colin started a new tradition of collecting toys for the kids in shelter for the holiday season. We were very surprised and thankful that Colin brought in over 60 toys. It was so successful that he did it again this year and hired a helper!

Colin lives in a generous neighbourhood and made sure that people knew he was collecting for the kids. His mom helped him put the word out that new, unwrapped toys were again being collected this year and Colin set his goal even higher. He wanted to bring in OVER 100!!

Here is a message that Colin sent to his neighbours and friends:

“Thank you to everybody who helped me last year collect over 60 toys.

I believe that we can do it again this year. 
This year my goal is to collect 100 toys for the kids in the Anselma House
I know everybody is probably busy this year and I need as much help I can get!
Also, when you participate we have some snacks set up like cookies, hot chocolate, cupcakes, etc.  🙂 “

He asked and the toys came! Friends and neighbours stopped by to drop off toys,games and even gift certificates. Colin came by Anselma House and brought in 122 gifts for kids of all ages.

He also came with a great idea! When Colin heard that the kids will be living here on Christmas, he suggested that we make a HUGE sign and put it on our roof so that Santa can see it.

In his youth, his wisdom shone through and he suggested it say

This is the message that we convey year round to our community.

There are kids that live here……
What can we do to help those kids have a better life, one that is free of abuse and violence? One that is as “normal” as can be.

Colin and his neighbourhood have helped to give our residents joy during the holiday season.

Thank you Colin and Taylor, and to the Tremaine Park Neighbourhood. Your support and encouragement help us to move our community beyond violence.