Thanks to our Safe Steps Volunteers as they move onto other ventures

A goal of the Safe Steps program is to ensure that women with children can attend and participate in the program and not worry about child-care. The Safe Steps program provides a much needed opportunity for women and children to talk about the violence they experienced in the home, how to deal with their feelings, learn about healthy family relationships, and learn constructive conflict- resolution skills. This program supports women and children in their journey of healing.

For a number of years now, I have had the pleasure of working with two of the most devoted volunteers who provide child-care for the Safe Steps Program. Wendy Butler and Jennifer Beckett have committed and dedicated their time, energy, and love to the babies and young children of the mothers who attend the Safe Steps program. Each week, Wendy and Jennifer hold, cuddle, play, read a book and provide nurturing and loving-care to the very young.  In Wendy’s words, “I love the children.”

Wendy and Jennifer have busy lives, work, have families, and yet, they go beyond their busy lives to give and contribute in a meaningful way so that women and children who have experienced domestic violence have a place to heal. The success of the Safe Steps program relies on volunteers like, Wendy and Jennifer, who give freely of themselves to meet the needs of women and children in the program.

In the well-known quote “if I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?” suggests that each human being must go beyond their individual “self” to connect, to give, and find “meaning” in serving a cause, a common good in the communities and in the world in which we, all of humanity, are a part of. Our volunteers, Wendy and Jennifer, epitomize the message that life “is meaningful” when we go beyond ourselves and give generously of our time and talents towards achieving a gentler and kinder world.

On behalf of Women’s Crisis Service of Waterloo Region and facilitators of the Safe Steps Program, a heartfelt thank you to Wendy and Jennifer, for your generous contribution to the Safe Steps Program.


Angela Saldanha