kristy 3Remember back to January 2016, and the resolutions you made?

It’s time to check in.

How are you holding to those resolutions? Has something got you off track? Have you stood strong in your resolve to change something that you felt so strongly about on January 1?

Only a month and a half in and better habits can be forming.
On that day, a local woman also set in motion her resolve to celebrate life and give back to her community.
Meet Kristy Goss.
A woman with determination and focus, she had recently faced some physical setbacks. As a devoted Yogi and kristy runrunner, physical fitness was a big part of her life. Finding stress release and inspiration through the demands of activity and sport, Kristy was sidelined by an injury that required surgery.
The surgery also required her to practice patience and the healing powers of rest.
As she was eagerly awaiting the days she could strap on her running shoes, Kristy vowed to never take her health for granted and to use each day to give back.

That’s when Kristy started Reason to Run.
Kristy has vowed to RUN every single day until we open our new Haven House in Cambridge. Being a Cambridge resident herself, she understands the need for safe shelter and knows the impact Haven House has on the lives of women in her own community.
“This community is so inspiring. I feel like I have been given a second chance for a reason, and I think this is it” explains Goss.
As Kristy continues to run each and every day to support women and children escaping abuse, you can show her your support too!


Visit Kristy’s website and sponsor her run. Not only is her goal to run every day, but it’s her goal to also raise $1,000 for to help Rebuild Haven House.
All of your donations will receive a tax receipt and you can encourage Kristy as she shows everyone a Reason to Run and inspires our resolutions to Rebuild Haven House.