Your daughter, neighbour, colleague, sister, friend, and mother are at risk; Domestic abuse is happening right here, right now in waterloo region.

All women deserve to be safe, help us break the chains of abuse by rebuilding haven house.

Regional Police Responses to Domestic Violence


Days of Residential Care Provided at Haven House


Children Sought Emergency Shelter at Haven House


Women Sought Emergency Shelter at Haven House


Crisis Calls Recieved Regionally


For 35 years, women’s crisis services has been providing a safe haven to women and their children escaping abuse. As our region grows, so does the need for safe shelter.

We need to rebuild haven house, because :shedeservesit:.

In the midst of a crisis, women and their children are being forced to share bedrooms and bathrooms. They need privacy and Haven House needs more space.

Women and their children are eating in shifts because our current kitchen is so small.

Common areas and living rooms are too small and cramped, children’s facilities and programs are inadequate.

These conditions are totally unacceptable. Women and children deserve better.

Contact the :shedeservesit: campaign

Should you wish to contact us for further information on our “:shedeservesit:” Rebuild Haven House capital campaign  or have questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Help us break the chain of abuse and offer women and children a safe environment to turn to when there is nowhere else to go.