IMG_20160507_091438Local community support, run enthusiast, and yogi, Kristy Goss shared her story of how she found her #Reason2Run and started fundraising to help us Rebuild Haven House. She included others in her journey and not only motivated those close to her, but her motivation reached far and wide. Her generous spirit and need to give back lead her to organize not just one event, but several events and ways to help REBUILD HAVEN HOUSE.

Her energy, focus and steadfast dedication to rebuilding the shelter for abused wo943855_1685828778335115_6790969089613170417_nmen and children in Cambridge is rare and admirable. Her spare and not-so-spare time was spent planning, organizing, asking, delivering, following up and all around enveloping anything she could do to inspire others and to increase funds directed to the shelter.

As Kristy’s goals were accomplished, she set bigger ones and accomplished those too. Her activities include an online donation page to support her run streak, a very successful online facebook auction, Yoga in the park and a fun run including a branded tank top that was a hit!


She continues to be an active advocate of Haven House and invites others to join her at every turn.

We can’t thank Kristy enough for the impact she has had on our organization but also on the women and men in her life.  The awareness she has brought to the issue of domestic abuse and to the need to Rebuild Haven House in Cambridge is immeasurable. She has approached this challenge with determination and strength, but also with grace and empathy.

Thank you Kristy, for being a leader, a partner and an inspiration as we Move Beyond Violence together.


A great group of women gathered in Cambridge to raise funds and support #Reason2Run

Read about her motivation in her own words:

As an avid runner most of my life, my life changed early in 2015 when an MRI confirmed I had a knee injury and would need surgery and may never be able to run again.13051599_1698359383748721_8619491289893221584_n

As the days, weeks and months passed I didn’t know if I’d ever be pain free again, ever be able to do yoga the same way again, or if I’d ever be able to return to the sport I loved so much, the hobby that had become so entangled in my persona. I swore that if I could ever run again I’d never take anoIMG_20160507_100728ther step for granted, I’d start and never stop. In the meantime as a practiced yogi, I used my break from running as an opportunity to take my practice further and begin yoga teacher training. Yoga helped me stay physically and mentally strong and healthy while I prepared and waited for surgery.

In November 2015, thanks to an amazing surgeon, and support staff/physiotherapy and massage therapist at Grand River Sports Medicine in Cambridge, I was able to get my knee repaired and moving again. For the first time since April 2015 I can straighten and bend my leg, walk, run and just do normal every day things without severe pain or restrictions. Two weeks post surgery I was back to yoga. One month post surgery I went for my first run, and haven’t missed a single day since. The support I received this year from my family and friends has been amazing. This community is so inspiring. I feel like I have been given a second chance for a reason, and I think this is it. I have been thinking about this for a long time, and am overwhelmed with happiness to finally see it happen.IMG_20160507_090613

Help me pay it forward by giving waterloo region women and children in crisis a safe haven and a second chance. They deserve it.