I have been lucky enough to speak to hundreds of youth at St Benedicts high school over the past three years.  All of the youth that have attended St Benedicts from grade nine to grade twelve have had the opportunity to participate in these presentations.  During the presentations we talk about Domestic Violence, teen violence, and healthy dating relationships.  I also share the rather alarming statistics in relation to the prevalence of domestic violence in our community.  There is also time left to have open discussion and to break down myths and stereo types about the women we serve.  The youth always have many insightful comments and questions.  They seem to be very interested in the topic and also share their surprise about how many women and children we serve each year.  Often I have had the opportunity to speak with youth after the allotted time.   At times youth have inquired about volunteering at the agency and some have been brave enough to talk to me and share their own stories.  Over the past three years, I strongly believe that I have learned as much from these youth as I hope they have learned from me.  I have been grateful for the time we have shared and the stories they have told me.  I look forward to talking with the grade nine classes next year.

Lisa Nice

Outreach Worker

Teen Power and Control