Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region employs close to fifty staff.  Each one of these staff has various roles to play with the women and children that we serve.  From providing a warm welcome to providing therapy, our staff work with women and children who are in crisis every day.


This work takes a tremendous amount of skill, patience, resiliency, empathy and the ability to prioritize many demands.


The work requires a special person with passion and dedication to their job, and Mary is one of those important team members.


The below comments about Mary were included in one of our agency evaluation tools that are given to women after they have had outreach services or stayed in one of our two shelters. We are proud to share these comments with you as a reflection of her kindness, skills and work she does with women and children in our Region.


  • The worker helped me realize how the Canadian system works
  • She helped me with immigration and navigating other systems and institutions
  • She always offered me more help than I could imagine and I’m always going to be thankful for that
  • I would definitely recommend the outreach program because it helped me and I believe it could help anybody in need
  • This worker always next to us providing us help around safety
  • She helped us pass through this difficult period
  • Mary was the best worker anyone could ever ask for


Thanks Mary for making such a positive impact on this woman’s life.