Julian’s mother is a former resident of Anselma House. As he watched and experienced her journey to a life beyond violence, Julian was inspired to put his feelings and motivation into this beautiful piece of art. The piece expresses his gratitude and hope for the future for all women and people effected by abuse. We thank Julian for his expression in art.


” When I made this piece of art, I wanted to add more meaning than color, more symbols than objects to it, I wanted to express the magnitude of this community’s will to help women and society itself as a token of gratitude for all the people who makes this possible.

Knowing that the logo of this service is the dragonfly, I used it and transfigured it to create an image that represents every shelter and the people who work in them as giant dragonflies saving women from drowning in a sea of desperation or getting lost between mountains of impediments , and taking them far away from darkness to a dawn of hope and freedom, just like angels taking them to paradise.

Finally, the hand of the woman holding tightly the rope from the biggest dragonfly, which happens to be the Anselma House’s logo ,represents my mother, the viewer and every single woman who has been or will be rescued in any way. ”  -Julian