By: Wanda Rae MSW, RSW

Residential Manager

A new partnership that began over the past year is with Chris Rau, franchise owner of “Wings Up” located in Waterloo.   Once per month he generously provides a meal to residents at Anselma House; which is usually 45 women and children.  The generous portions include a variety of chicken wings, vegetables, coleslaw, onion rings, and garlic bread.  Chris always ensures there are boneless wings for small children.  This special meal is One Act that makes our clients feel cared for by their community during a difficult time in their lives.

wingsupOur Food & Nutrition Coordinators are continuously looking for ways to provide the women who stay in our shelters with information about healthy eating. Many of the women are facing the challenge of working with a restricted food budget as they transition to living on their own.

Assistance is offered with strategies for how to shop and cook healthy meals when dealing with a limited food budget.

The strategies have included outings to local farmer’s markets, trips to local grocery stores, and educational sessions done in groups or individually.


Another strategy used is to provide residents with a resource booklet that contains useful suggestions for how to save food dollars, food safety, shopping tips, meal planning, and information about food related programs offered at Community Centres, community gardens and other on-line nutrition resources.

Our ability to feed approximately 75 women and children every day is accomplished through our partnership with the Waterloo Region Food Bank and the Self Help Food Bank in Cambridge.  Donations to the local food bank help us to provide healthy meals to our residents while they are in shelter.