May 8, 2014 – Northern Lights Canada (NLC) is a proud supporter of the communities they live in. NLC recently made donations to 18 charities in recognition of the vital impact these organizations make to our communities and our lives. Each charity was chosen locally by an NLC office providing a combined amount of $36,000 donated to various charities across Ontario.

Northern Lights Canada presents a donation to Women's Crisis Services for $2000.

Northern Lights Canada presents a donation to Women’s Crisis Services for $2000.

The Kitchener/Waterloo, Northern Lights Canada office presented a $2,000 cheque to Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region for our compassionate work in empowering and supporting women and children to move beyond violence and abuse through the provision of safe shelter, education and outreach services. NLC shares our vision of a community free from violence and abuse in any of its forms.

With a team of employment and rehabilitation specialists, case managers, corporate trainers, and support staff, Northern Lights Canada has been helping individuals and organizations for over 28 years. Their dedication to helping people reach their potential has set them apart and garnered a 99.6% client satisfaction rating when working with well over one million people – individuals with disabilities, job seekers, employers, corporate teams and organizations. NLC provides services on behalf of private customers and all levels of Canadian government.

Thank you for choosing us, and for being our partner in moving our community beyond violence.



For more information about NLC, visit or call 1-800-361-4642.