Terra is one of full time Residential Support Workers. Terra started with the agency in 2009.  Terra began as contract Outreach Worker and then went on to become a full time staff at Anselma House. Last year we were lucky to have her transfer over to the Haven House.

Terra is a well-respected team member at Haven House –respected by management, her peers and most importantly the women we serve. I want to share with you this morning, some of the things that we all appreciate about her.

  • Terra is known to be excellent in a crisis and this can come in handy at WCSWR!
  • Terra has a steady, gentle and calm demeanor when talking to women on the crisis line or with women in difficult situations in shelter
  •  Terra has an easy going manner and works with our women in non-judgmental way.  Residents have expressed that they feel ‘safe sharing their stories, and their worries with Terra’.  Women can sense her genuineness.
  • Many residents have shared with us that Terra has supported them positively and that they feel like they are really moving forward with her support  and  practical assistance.
  • Terra has a strong work ethic which helps make for good teamwork. She also knows how to have a little fun!
  • Terra initiates opportunity for women to come together in a positive way, and helps bring community to the shelter. She has initiated a walking group, craft workshops and recently a few late night Zumba classes after the children had gone to bed.
  • New and old staff,  and  her Manager, have learned a lot from Terra  – she has a wealth of experience and has incredible knowledge about our community!
  • Lastly, something that I really appreciate about Terra is her tenacity and determination in working with women residing at Haven House.  Terra takes the time to explore every option possible with woman when helping them overcome obstacles to moving beyond their difficult situations. If there is a loop hole or one more avenue to try, she’ll try it. She is a very strong advocate in helping support women to achieve their goals.

Thanks, Lisa