National Poetry Month!

This month marks national poetry month, this month we want to recognize poetry and writing that empowers women.

Last month we celebrated International Women’s Day and I was lucky enough to have a resident share a beautiful poem she found very powerful with me. She posted this poem in the shelter to share with other women. In light of this month being National Poetry month, I would like to share it all with you.

She is woman.

She is mother, daughter, wife, sister.

She is a person.

She is strong, smart, crafty.

She is passionate, courageous, generous.

She is action, emotion, devotion.

She has hope beauty, power.

She has a brain and she knows how to use it.

She gives you life.

She gives you respect, love, gratitude.

She believes in you.

She will nurture you, fight for you.

She deserves nothing less from you.