At Haven House I have been co-facilitating a ‘Music and Mindfulness’ group with a Child and Family Therapist (CFT) this fall. We started the group after some women requested some sort of space or time for meditative relaxation. As the music therapist my role is to create a musical environment that facilitates mindfulness (focusing ones thoughts and being conscious of the present moment) and peace. This is done through improvising soft and slow melodies with piano, acoustic guitar and voice. Women are encouraged to rest and ‘receive’ the music at this time. As the music continues the CFT usually leads the women in a ‘guided imagery’ where they use their imagination to take them through a peaceful or refreshing place. The music is created in the moment to match the guided imagery. One week we decided to use a guided imagery based on self esteem. This one focused more on positive self talk. In between pauses I sang back the lyrics that the CFT had been reading. Lyrics like: ‘This time is for me. I am worth it. I love myself. I forgive myself.’ The concept of self forgiveness stood out to me, so in my musical reiteration I sang this line. The woman who came to the group, who I will call Rosemary, began to cry softly. At the end of the imagery she expressed how grateful she was for that peaceful and positive space. She expressed that she has a hard time forgiving herself and we talked about how useful it was to be reminded to be gentle with ourselves. Rosemary came each week to the Mindfulness and Music group and is interested in continuing a music therapy group like this as well as using music for relaxation and self care on her own.