Izabella is a full time Residential Team Members at Haven House. Izabella came to Women’s Crisis Services 5 years ago with considerable experience in child welfare. Izabella also speaks 4 languages –Polish, Russian, German and English. Being able to provide service to women in their own language, without the use of an interpreter is a great asset to the agency.

When I asked for input from her peers, people had lots to say about Izabella –…..all good! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Isabella is one of a kind!
  • She has a big heart!
  • She brings many years of life experience to our team.  I think that is a complement Izabella!
  • Izabella is exceptionally,   and consistently hard working and gives her best to the women and children who use our services.
  • A newer Relief staff trained by Izabella shared that she was extremely grateful she had the opportunity to learn from Izabella. She was very kind and welcoming, and encouraged all her questions, regardless of how “silly” or “little” the staff thought they were.
  • Izabella has a lot of knowledge about our community which is helpful to staff and residents alike.
  • She strongly pursues every avenue possible for each woman which allows them to connect to the resources they need and meet their goals.
    • Izabella is nurturing to our residents. She is also caring and supportive of her co-workers.
    • Izabella empowers the women every day by complementing their strength and character.  This can be very impactful to a woman who’s self-esteem has been damaged by abuse.


  • Lastly, her co-workers say while working with Izabella, what stands out most is her passion for the work. Izabella is proud to work at WCSWR and she gives %100 every shift – her passion is felt by every resident and staff member.


Thank you Izabella, for 5 years’ service. We look forward to another 10 at least!