Making a Difference

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”
? Mahatma Gandhi


I can not believe it has only been one year since Helene has been volunteering with the administrative team at Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region. To me it seems as if Helene has always belonged here; she brings such passion and dedication to all she does. It is the endless small tasks, which contribute to the larger picture of helping the women and children in our shelter. You cannot help but smile when Helene walks through the doors; her energy and enthusiasm are contagious.


Helene is known and respected by all at our agency as the “Hardworking Organizer”.  She has put countless hours into reorganizing our donation room, to ensure that all the donations that come through our doors find good homes in the women’s lives. She organizes our systems, our inventory, and even our desks.  Helene helps out wherever she can, with event registrations and set up, with management projects, with mailings and she hands out smiles every chance she gets.


Administrative volunteers will often question how their volunteer work helps the women and children in our shelters move beyond violence. I always reassure them that we perform a lot of tasks that save the managers & leaders of our company countless hours.   This allows time for the managers of Women’s Crisis Services to be proactive in our community and to work towards a community free of violence and abuse.



I asked Helene, why she volunteers here at Women’s Crisis Services and this is what she said:



“As a former volunteer (20+yrs ago after my son went to college), a former abused wife and a current volunteer it is a double pleasure for me to do what I can to help out.  I was a widow with my son growing up so I can appreciate the difficulties of being a single parent and the problems a woman alone faces.


I volunteer now because I am now free and physically able to.  People here are upbeat and appreciative of what you do.  There are always some laughs and candy at the front desk.


I also volunteer at a Senior level and consider that “paying forward” while my work here is- “paying backward”.



Thank you Helene for dedicating your time and energy to improve the lives of the women and children in our community!