This year, on July 11, 2015 an inaugural  ALL WOMEN’S DISC GOLF TOURNAMENT – “Maidens of Mayhem” took place at Christie Lake Conservation Area.

tg-Maidens_Of_Mayhem_2015-1423435221-mediumThe event was hosted by a community group of Women Disc Golf players from around the region, with the intention to grow and expand a lesser-known sport to the community for Women and Girls of all ages, but also contribute and bring awareness to a worthy cause such as the service provided at Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.

This year our goal was to encourage 40+ woman and girls to take part in the sport and in turn boost future participation. Through continued incentives, we will boost confidence, spirit, outdoor physical activity, camaraderie and continue to invite women and girls of every age together for a meaningful cause.

With 23 attendees yielding 5 cards, they eagerly tackled the heavily wooded course with laughter, skill, grace, and even created new friendships.

Newcomer Sarah H (pictured) not only played her first tournament, but also won her recreational division.  Prizes and awards were awarded for participation and, respectively, competing in each participant’s division.

womans tourneyThis was a huge step for women and young girls for the sport. Often times it is hard to find other female throwers in the area to compete and be active with in an outdoor sport. This was the perfect opportunity to promote participation.

The funds, ($200) that were raised via distance drive contests, draws and raffles and “support her” (donations for each male caddy) went directly towards Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region, which will be used towards sustaining supplies  throughout the year and ensure that women and children have their personal needs met while in of the shelters or participating in the Outreach Program.

These donations ensure that purchases can be made for what is need most when needed, to help women and kids fleeing abusive homes.

The event received much support from individuals, local businesses, other disc golf clubs, and national disc golf companies. Without their support and a vision to make a larger impact this event would have not been experienced.

Helen Morlock