The residents and staff of Anselma House would like to take a moment to recognize and show our deepest gratitude for the generosity and kind-heartedness of many of the residents of Waterloo Region. Over the Christmas holidays, Women’s Crisis Services was overwhelmed with donations of gifts, personal needs items for women and their children, toys, clothes and much more. Each woman and child residing at Anselma House has experienced domestic violence in their own way, and are starting the courageous journey to re-build their lives again free of domestic violence. As you can imagine, the holidays may have been a particularly stressful time for these individuals, living in a new environment, coping with the unique realities of their situations. However, with the tremendous generosity and thoughtfulness of individuals and community partnerships of the Waterloo Region, the holidays were made a little brighter for residents of Anselma House.


A gleaming example of the generosity that helped lift the moods of the women and children of Anselma is depicted by the “Spa Event” that the Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly hosted for the residents of Anselma to enjoy a day purely for themselves. At this event, women were treated to a continental breakfast, and given beautiful manicures. They additionally got some relaxation time as they received massages from aspiring therapists. The children were kept busy with full bellies through play groups and activities run solely through volunteers. At the end of this beautiful day, each resident received a gift bag. Another notable and warm gesture came from the House of Angels. Women were given another pampering day and afforded the opportunity to indulge in luxuries that may not have been in their budget or priorities over the holidays. Members from this organization put their skills to work to give women and children a trendy new hair-cut and style as well as manicures.  The impact that these gestures had on the women of Anselma house is beyond words. Some women expressed excitement about being able to start the holidays off with a fresh look; others found the “me” time pure bliss and expressed sincere appreciation of these services offered to them. Beyond the fantastic hair, nails, and massages, it is important to recognize that the women were given the opportunity to feel important, deserving, and beautiful – a truth that every woman needs to experience.