You just never know the people you will be fortunate to meet when you work or live at Anselma House.  This winter we were privileged to meet a brilliant woman who shared this poem with us one night during our women’s group called Understanding Me.  The ripple effect since that night has been heartwarming with other women feeling inspired to write poetry and share quotes they’ve saved over the years that have helped them cope with the trauma of domestic violence.     Jennifer Clarke, Child and Family Therapist


I Fled


I fled

Hateful screams still in my head


You will not go there

You will not say that

You are mine

And I will keep you


Locked up tight

So no one sees

How it aches you

Just to breathe


Round and round

Seems so insane

Yet so childish to complain


Repeat the pressure

Keep it warm

Until a callous can be formed


Exhausted, weary

Enough said

Never wonder

Why I fled


Written By: Jasmine (Name Changed to Protect the Woman)