Humbled and Happy

Posted by Kourtney

My first few weeks working with Women’s Crisis Services have been educational, exciting, heart-warming, proud, joyful, saddening and most of all humbling, on so many levels.

I am happy to be doing work that helps women and children move beyond violence and educates our community on issues of violence.  I have learned about our outreach program that does some incredible work with women who aren’t in our shelters. Outreach is support for people who have left shelter or for those who are trying to figure out a safe and secure way of moving beyond violence. Although I don’t have the skills to help one on one, I am proud to be a part of the team that does this important work.

I look forward to each new day as I see progress, hear inspiring stories, and because of my role, experience an outpouring of care and support for WCSWR. I receive phone calls asking what the women and children need, how many are with us, and what will make their holidays a little bit better.  We have been invited to speak to church groups, service clubs, neighbourhood groups, and school assemblies as our community thrives on education about awareness, prevention, and support for those in need.


Indeed I am humbled.


I also visit the shelters and see that our beds are full, and that the violence still exists in our region. There are children who are so young that perhaps they will be blessed with no memory of this time in their life. There are others, who are learning to read and write, and are drawing pictures for Santa, and others still who helped make homemade ornaments for the tree at Haven House-some with snowmen, princesses or AC/DC on them! Their smiles and giggles fill my heart and as I leave I hope that they aren’t just fleeting moments of happiness.


I am humbled.


And as I try to meet all of the incredible supporters of WCSWR, I find that everyone wants to do the best they can to help.  So each day I check in with our residential staff, visit our storage room or kitchens, and try to put myself in the shoes of a woman who may be fearful, hurt, relieved, frustrated, or scared, but is certainly in need.  I compile lists of what would comfort them or fill their needs, and I share that with you.  In two days we received the large sized diapers we desperately needed from two local high schools! Thank you St. Lukes and Laurelwood.


You have humbled me.


Our need continues into the Christmas season for financial support. Whether you prefer to donate gift cards or perhaps the money you would have spent on purchasing a gift- it can and WILL make a difference to the women and children in our care.  I humbly ask you to support Women’s Crisis Services this holiday season with a donation to honour your loved ones, to celebrate the good work being done, to recognize that we are all important in the movement beyond violence, and to be the gift to our women and children this year.