BY Judy Woodhouse ECE

Children’s book author & Anselma Volunteer


How many of us take time to read with our children every day? Studies have shown that children, who are read to, from birth to school age, even fifteen minutes a day, learn better in school. Remember those silly nursery rhymes your grandma used to tell, like “Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle”? Well, it turns out they are more than a bunch of nonsense. Studies have shown that children, who can recite eight nursery rhymes before entering school, learn better in school. If you read with your child every day, he or she will not only grow to be a good reader, but also a better speaker and writer.


Here are a few tips for parents to encourage reading in young children.

1 Be a role model. Let your child see you reading the newspaper, a magazine, a book or even a recipe every day.

2 Have your child read to the family dog or cat or even a stuffed animal! All are good nonjudgmental listeners.

3 Pick books that have topics your child is interested in, such as animals, sports or dance.

4 Let your child guess what happens next in the story. When kids guess what happens next it becomes a game and reinforces reading comprehension.

5 Use picture clues! Look at the pictures with your child to see what the story is about.

6 Take turns reading aloud with your child. Taking turns is fun and will make reading more interesting.