Carol Potvin is a Residential Worker for Women’s Crisis Services who is celebrating 20 years of employment with our agency. Hardworking, dedicated, passionate, committed, leader, humorous, are just some of the many words that come to mind when thinking about Carol.

After leaving her role with the military and working grocery store retail, Carol found herself feeling dissatisfied and knew there was much more in-store for her career. Early in her days in KW, while riding the bus with her children, she saw the public education advertisement for Anselma House. In that moment, she told her son, that one day she would work for Anselma House. This came to be many years later. She went back to school at Conestoga College where she chose the shelter as her placement option for school. Her placement advisor saw something in Carol and knew this would be a good fit for her. And he was right!

From her student placement running the second stage parenting group for women, Carol came to work full time at Women’s Crisis Services as a Residential Worker in 1994.   Carol knew she had finally found a role that was just right for her.  Carol has seen many changes in the agency. Carol volunteered to work the overnight shift for 10 years before moving back onto a rotational day/night schedule.   Carol was a part of moving from Ann Street to Heritage Drive and she did this with mixed emotions. As much as the Heritage drive facility is amazing, it was hard for Carol to know and learn that despite all of these years of hard work, we don’t seem to be eliminating violence in our community. And it continues to be a problem.

Nonetheless, Carol finds joy in the work she does and this is what keeps her going.   Carol enjoys motivating, encouraging and empowering women as they make changes in their lives to live free from violence. Her own life experience and the hurdles she has been through help her to work with and relate to the women. Although they all have experienced abuse, Carol finds each person is different and the work with each woman is different. Carol values watching the progress the women make from arriving to shelter in crisis, settling into communal living, finding housing, believing in themselves and finding their own way forward. It is the stories of the women and their growth over time that keeps Carol motivated and influences her work in a positive way. It means so much to Carol when she hears positive feedback from the women and from our staff.

On that note, here are some things Carol’s colleagues have shared about her: “Carol is an amazing co worker. She is an unlimited source of knowledge about WCSWR. Carol always goes the extra mile to help the women of Anselma House. She is a fun co worker and we always have lots of laughs when working together. I know when I work with Carol we will always work as a team”


“As a newer staff, Carol has been very supportive. She is very dedicated to her job and her love of the work she does here was quite apparent from the first day I met her. She really cares for the residents and I think they realize that and in turn really respect her”