Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationship can mean different things to different people. Several factors can determine healthy relationship because people look for different things in relationships. Therefore, what makes a relationship healthy can be determined by many factors such as the ability for one to share important values and beliefs with openness, accepting each other’s faults, feeling free to express one’s thoughts, feelings and needs without being judged or criticized. Furthermore, people should be able to view themselves as equals while developing mutual respect, trust, honesty and supportive of each other in relationships.

A healthy relationship should reflect intimacy, laughter, happiness, fairness, sharing individual interests and hobbies and having fun together with a sense of equality as people bring their own uniqueness into the relationship. Love alone does not sustain or make a relationship healthy. The ability to listen to each other while utilizing the use of effective communication to promote smooth conversation around conflicts and learning to forgive and tolerate each other makes a lot of difference in a relationship.

Healthy relationships are determined by the environment it is nurtured and it takes time, effort, and patience and understanding.  Healthy relationships could be likened to “well-being”, which is like living in good health.

Sometimes jealousy leads to anger or controlling behaviors, these are red flags that a relationship is heading for danger. It is always advisable to deal with unresolved issues in a relationship because they can lead to abuse, violence, adverse consequences and even death.