Growing Garden

Thanks to our friends at Toyota, we are continuing to grow vegetables and herbs at both shelters to teach valuable life skills and provide nourishment.

Our friends at Toyota in Cambridge have once again offered to help us with our Food and Nutrition program through our on site gardens and through their own unique employee driven initiative.

This year we were able to double the size of our garden at Haven House in Cambridge. This allows us not only to grow more produce and herbs, but teach the women and children to plant, nurture, and harvest their own food, a skill that is valuable once they transition out of the shelter.

Gardening can be very therapeutic. It instills a sense of peace and independence while also achieving a goal of providing for yourself and your children. It teaches children how to care for plants and to be responsible for another living thing. We are grateful to have our gardens at both shelters that we can use as both a teaching and healing tool for the women and children we serve.

Toyota employees have a large plot of land at their plant in Cambridge that they tend to on their lunch breaks and after work. From seed to harvest, they are very busy making sure the veggies and herbs are plentiful.


When it comes time to harvest, they prepare care packages for both of our shelters and provide fresh produce for the women and children.  They also provide seeds and supplies to help our own on site gardens thrive. Our residents can learn how to plant their own garden and also about nutrition and the therapeutic effects of gardening.


The garden at Toyota

The garden located at the Toyota Plant in Cambridge. It provides nourishment for the women and children living in our shelters.

Toyota employees are dedicated to this very unique program, and we are thankful for their hard work, sweat, and sore muscles.

Our partnership is a very rewarding one and we are honoured that they choose to support Women’s Crisis Services.  Thank you Toyota, for supporting your employees through the avail of the land and for putting up a new gardening tool shed for their equipment!