Joan Carlaw is our long standing Relief Team members who started with the agency in the spring of 2004.

Being a Relief staff in a crisis shelter is difficult work. We count on them to come in, sometimes at a moment’s notice, and to work at either shelter. We expect them to step in and provide excellent service to our women where our full time staff have left off. Depending on when or where they worked last, they may not be familiar with all of our women and don’t always know their particular story or where they’re at in their journey.  Despite these challenges, Joan makes it look easy.

In preparation for today I sought the input of Joan’s peers. Here are just a few of the things her co- workers had to say about her:

  • Joan is great asset to our clients and agency
  • staff like working with Joan.  One co-worker said, “whenever she’s on shift I know it will be a good day”
  • A few words to describe Joan: grounded, ..sincere, …caring, ..professional,.. and knowledgeable
  • Joan is both dependable and flexible.  She is always there to help out with switching a shift or last minute coverage needs, even coming in early or staying late when needed.
  • Joan is very thorough, and not afraid of hard work
  • She is known to pitch in and help wherever possible
  • Joan is not one to leave the sometimes “yucky”  jobs that  residential staff have  to do  in hopes that someone else will look after it…….(scrub residents rooms, wash bedding, make beds, unloading donations,  etc. ) She goes at it and gets the job done.
    • She also always takes the time and patience to teach new relief staff
    • Joan is known to be sensitive to the needs of our women, and she has a soft spot for their  children
    • She is compassionate and caring towards both residents and co-workers & has a great sense of humour
    • She shows a consistent commitment to our clients and a huge desire to help them to move forward!

Please join me in congratulating Joan on 10 years!

Lisa Leiher, MSW RSW