Health Check

In today’s society people are regularly thinking about their health. There is a focus on healthy eating, getting enough exercise, and distressing through yoga and meditation. However there is less focus on the health of people’s personal relationships. It is normal to have ups and downs in every relationship, but at their foundation relationships should be caring, respectful, and trusting.

See below for some signs that your relationship may be unhealthy:

  • You care for and focus only on your partner to the neglect of yourself and your family
  • Your relationship feels unbalanced with one person making all the decisions and controlling the direction of the relationship
  • Conflict escalates to yelling, name calling and/or physical violence
  • Your self-esteem is suffering and you feel pressure to meet your partner’s idealized standards

If one or more of these statements fit your current situation your relationship may have an imbalance of power and control and it is this imbalance that makes relationships unhealthy. Reach out to family and friends, and /or contact your local counselling agency.

Unfortunately controlling and abusive behaviour rarely goes away but rather it often escalates and gets worse. The crisis line through the Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region can help you assess the power and control issues if they are present in your relationship. Practical support is available to help you look at options and safety plan if the health of your relationship is continuing to worsen.


Outreach Manager