We’re seeking salon and spa professionals.

Hair stylists and spa professionals often have a special role in a woman’s life.

A salon or spa is frequently a comfortable environment where staff may act as trusted confidantes who get insight into their client’s lives. Sometimes this means knowing more about a woman’s life than some of her closest friends and family. Salon and spa staff are used by women seeking to vent or as a source of advice.

Even if a woman avoids sharing confidential information about the violence she’s experiencing, salon or spa staff may notice changes in behaviours that may be a sign of abuse.

So we were immediately interested when one of our supporters said she had read about a program in the Maritimes that involved salon and spa staff in assisting women living in unhealthy, abusive relationships. We knew it was a perfect fit and began investigating.

The Cut It Out Program

We learned that the Cut It Out program  is an American initiative that is being introduced to Canada by the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women and Children. So we contacted them to bring it to Waterloo Region.

Help us launch the program here

We’ll officially launch the program during Woman Abuse Awareness month in November but we’re recruiting salon and spa staff now to participate.

All we ask is that you take a 1 hour training session. Our first session is on Monday, October 7 9am-10am.

Please let us know if you are interested by emailing Diana at Diana.Czekajlo@wcswr.org

Why should you participate?

Getting the right advice at the right time is critical to helping women involved in abusive relationships.

We want to help you to know how you can help,  and we’re not expecting you to be counselors.

You can help by knowing that we are the best agency to help women in abusive situations.

We offer 24 hour crisis support.  If you or someone you know are experiencing abuse, in crisis or need support, please contact us on our crisis line.

…In Cambridge 519.653.2422

…In Kitchener 519.742.5894

…Toll-Free 1.800.410.4482

If you are in immediate danger please call 911.

Just by having greater awareness of the unique role played by Women’s Crisis Services in helping women in abusive relationships, and how to contact us, can be enough to help someone.

In one hour, we’ll go over our role in the community and how we can help women move beyond violence.

We’ll share how you might identify a woman who is in need of help.  We’ll give you the words and tools to be helpful without getting inappropriately involved.

Join the Cut It Out program

Please help us to launch a program that can help many women and their kids in Waterloo Region.

Join the Cut it Out program!