You did it again Colin!
This young man makes us so proud.

Each fall, Colin turns his mind and heart to collecting toys for the kids at Anselma House. This year he reached out to his favourite toy manufacturer and not only did they invite him for a tour of their plant, but Colin walked away with around $1500 worth of toy donations!

He has a way of bringing together his friends and schoolmates, neighbours and of course the media, politicians and so many more.

Bravo Colin, and thank you to the whole Robinson Family for your unwavering support of Colin’s dedication to filling the holidays with joy.

Because of our friend COLIN, we have all the toys we need for this year! Thank you to everyone who donated a toy to Colin’s Toy drive!

If you would like to help the women and children in our shelters this holiday season, please consider a donation of gift cards or perhaps sponsoring the care we provide through one of our GIFTS OF SUPPORT