We are HUMBLED but not surprised that ChefD visited us to bring more comfort and joy to the residents of Anselma House and Haven House this week.

ChefD has been a supporter of our work and our clients for many years. Throughout the year he reaches out, reaches in, and reaches beyond to offer his resources, time and help.

From attending events, donating prizes, and being available to brainstorm or plan, his support goes far beyond what we can ever say thank you for.

Recently, he welcomed guests to his open house and collected food, gift cards and other items for our shelters.


The gift of a gift card provides resources for us to care for very individual needs of our clients, but also provides confidence, independence and hope that our community will support women and children as the start a new life free of domestic abuse.

Thank you ChefD, for directing this generosity to us, for educating and spreading awareness, and for always being an advocate and listening ear for Women’s Crisis Services.