Cambridge Cares

Posted by Kourtney

Admittedly, I get lost when I visit Cambridge! I am getting better but I don’t know if I will ever completely understand where the previous city limits for Galt, Preston and Hespeler begin and end. This is partly due to being born and raised in Northern Ontario, but mostly due to the number of answers I get when I ask about the former tri-city boundaries.


In any case, and in every case, if I do get lost, turned around or just plain curious, my caring Cambridge friends are always happy to help.


This is also the case when it comes to supporting Haven House, our Women’s Crisis Services shelter in Cambridge. People have really stepped up to support women and children in shelter and through our outreach program. Service clubs, social groups, local businesses, high schools and individuals are eager to provide comfort, especially at this time of year. I hear stories and motivations behind the support and it all settles down to one sentiment; the holidays should be filled with love, togetherness, comfort and joy-for everyone.


The Cambridge Conference Centre is providing a festive dinner for our Haven House residents and very kindly giving each one a gift. This generous gesture is certainly a great example of a unique way that Cambridge is caring for those in need.


A local resident, we will call her Angie, knits and sews pj’s, quilts, slippers, mittens, bags, and even fabric books. Since her mobility has become an issue, she likes to stay active and help Haven House by inviting her friends to support Haven in the same way.


Classique Boutique offered 25% off of your purchase if you brought in a toy for a child in shelter. These toys are something that the children can take with them when they leave shelter, it’s something that they can call their own and that can brighten their holidays.


Next week I am meeting with students from Monseigneur Doyle school who are doing their school project on Women’s Crisis Services.  They have great questions and are considerate of the sensitive nature of the work we do.


And as I write this blog I am informed about a donation of gift cards from individuals who dropped them off at the front door on Concession Road.

Thank you, Cambridge, for caring. Thank you for remembering the women and children, especially at this time of year. Thank you for your donations of comfort and joy.  And thank you, for giving me great directions when I get lost in Cambridge.


If you would like to support the work of Women’s Crisis Services please feel free to call me or visit our website to donate online.   We are working to move beyond violence and your support is appreciated.