There has been a lot in the news lately about “Comfort Dogs” or “Therapy Dogs”.  When they say that a Dog is man’s best friend, they don’t know how true that statement rings.  A prime example of the impact of this unconditional love is seen at Women’s Crisis Services. St John’s Ambulance has provided therapy dogs for nearly two decades.  Research has shown that therapy dogs can help to reduce feelings of depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety.  These are all very common feelings felt during times of crisis, and familiar feelings to our residents.


Once a week therapy dogs visit Anselma House and Haven House of the Women’s Crisis Services.  Izzy who is a Havanese visits Anselma House and has been doing so since September of this year.  Jazzy and owner Pat, shown in the picture,  have been attending Haven House for approximately two years now.  This picture shows them on a special Christmas Eve visit.  The children at both shelters also enjoy and benefit greatly from these visits.


Our shelter pets are truly “Woman’s Best Friend”!