To start the 2016 new year with a fun activity some neighbours in the Auditorium Neighbourhood of Kitchener organized a “Kitchen Tour” of some spectacular houses in the neighbourhood!

This fun and social event encouraged you to walk around your neighbourhood and see renovations or features in your neighbour’s kitchens. It was a great way to meet each other, catch up after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and to give back to a worthy charity: Haven House.

Tickets were $20 and were reserved in advance.

Its a good thing it was advance reservations because they SOLD OUT at 100 tickets!

As there were no expenses, the revenue reached over $2,000!

Louise Jessop – “All Over the Map” Studio, Alan Sharpe- WCSWR Haven House, Tara O’Donnell -Auditorium Neighbourhood.

One of the neighbours was also moved to participate in a unique way. She is a local artist who makes very unique maps.

Louse Jessup of “All Over the Map” lives in the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium neighbourhood and created a highlight map of that area. She was able to personalize it with your home or other features. She sold these maps to neighbours and very generously donated the proceeds to the Kitchen Tour! You can visit Louise’s Etsy page here to see her work.

Thank you Tara, Louise, and all the neighbours of the Auditorium Neighbourhood who opened their hearts and homes to each other and to us at Women’s Crisis Services!