Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region was honoured to be the featured organization at the 9th annual Nonviolence Festival “Day in the Park”.  This event was held at Victoria Park on July 13th and the day was a bright and sunny one.  This free event was enjoyed by many.  There were several information booths, food vendors, live entertainment and activities for children.

This event acknowledges that unfortunately violence exists within many relationships, but that this violence can be overcome and reminds us all to live by the golden rule “treat others the way you want to be treated”. “To follow the path of nonviolence is to act in ways that recognize our humanity; liberty, diversity, and potential.  It is also to have courage, seeking reconciliation at the roots of our conflicts.”

While managing the agency booth I had a chance to speak with various attendees.  One adult male told me about his time at Anselma House when he was quite young.  He was not surprised to learn we were celebrating our 35th year of service as he himself was likely in his early thirties.  This man could not remember much of his stay as he was only an infant, but when asked about how his mother was doing he responded that she was doing very well and stated that this is largely due to the services provided by our agency.  Not often do we get to hear about our successes so many years later, so this was a highlight of the event for me.  This young man was not the only one to acknowledge the positive impact of Women’s Crisis Services.  There were others who described the help they received, the help their neighbours received and/or the help that their family members received to move beyond violence.

Written By: Jennifer Hutton, Outreach Manager