Alison Neighbourhood Annual Bazar


Alison Neighbourhood association recently held their annual women’s only bazar. The event took place on Saturday September 28th, 2013 from 11-4pm at the community centre. Vendors and attendees were all females and were from within the local community.  They sold various items such as: cultural baked goods and food, handmade clothing, jewellery, crafts, creams/lotions, hennas, and photography. All women from the community were encouraged to attend and childcare was provided.  This allowed the women to freely and uninterruptedly look around and engage with the vendors. Women’s Crisis Services set up a booth that was staffed by a Cambridge Outreach Worker. The booth contained  our Women’s Crisis Services display, handouts in several South Asian languages and  coasters from our  “Prince Charming, Prince Harming campaign”.   The bazar was a success and the consensus was that the event both inspired and empowered women within the community.