Posted July 17, 2017

Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region is seeking volunteers with board experience for our Board of Directors. We operate two emergency shelters for abused women and their children (Anselma House in Kitchener and Haven House in Cambridge), plus a regional Outreach program. The Board's primary role is governance and policy setting.  Directors contribute 5 -10 hours per month, including monthly Board meetings and committee participation.  If you are interested please contact Board.

Chair - Cayley Rodd

Vice Chair - Sara McLennan

Secretary - Paula Fecteau

Treasurer - Janice Savage

Director  - Tracey Appleton

Director - Sarah Baxter

Director - Janice Cardinali

Director - Jennifer Eby

Director - Grahame Farquhar

Director - Mike Farwell

Director - Paula Fecteau

Director - Al Green

Director - Christina Pawliszyn

Director - Terry Wilson

Director - Vickie Murray

To Contact the Board of Directors please e-mail: